About Us

What We Believe

We strongly believe that there is always the Princess, the Shehzadi inside all of us. The one who is stronger than anyone, bold and beautiful by heart. The one who represents her thoughts, beliefs, culture by her actions, apparel. The one who always steps forward whether it is sports, new job, new fashion, or any unexpected situation, she always does it in her unique way.

Who We Are

We seek to empower young women all over the country to find their confidence and embrace who they are unrequitedly. Shehzadi is a bold, inclusive and fashion-forward brand aimed at arming women with fashion that is an extension of themselves. Every piece we make is an amalgamation of what our customer wants peppered with global influences such as the runways, street style, Indian culture and social media – all merging together to create a one-stop-shop that delivers inimitable style for millennials.

What We Sell

We specialize in combining cutting edge fashion with an affordable price tag. All our products are chosen by our super talented young team of designers, with our multi-tasking, millennial women customers in mind. More than 100 products are dropped in the store, making us not simply a fast fashion brand – but a rapid fashion brand.
Accredited with the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems, we promise products that meet the highest international standards of quality and processes.
Since empowerment and expression lie at the core of our design philosophy, we have something for everyone! So, whether you like to keep one step ahead of trends or perfect your signature style, we’re sure we’ve got something you’ll love. We have two major product lines, covering the gamut of occasions and needs that every Indian woman has.